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“When a Nevada employer crosses the California border and places employees in The Golden State, for purposes of Employment Law and Wage and Hour Law, it is the equivalent of operating in a different country, not a different state.”

- Brett Sutton, Senior Partner of Sutton Hague Law Corporation

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California state graphic with counties defined by shades of orange, brown, and yellow. Nevada state graphic, along side the California state graphic, with counties defined by shades of blue.

With over 600 miles of common border, California and Nevada tend to share a lot.

Travel and tourism between the two states is frequent and lively, and there is no shortage of interstate migration. It has also become more and more common for residents of one state to purchase and hold residential property in the other.

Thus, it is no surprise that when Nevada employers think of expanding their business, they often look to their large neighbor to the West.

If you are a Nevada employer with employees in California, or plan to expand your operations into California in the future, protect your business by staying up-to-date on the important differences in Nevada’s and California’s employment and wage/hour laws.

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Sutton Hague Law Corporation, which created and hosts this site, regularly works with clients facing these very issues. With offices in Nevada and California, Sutton Hague’s experienced employment attorneys are well-versed in the complex issues that arise when employers operate across the border. In addition, Sutton Hague frequently conducts trainings and offers educational seminars, both in person and online, to assist employers in complying with California laws related to, among other things, wages, hours, and working conditions, as well employee leave and recordkeeping. Sutton Hague also actively maintains a blog covering the most current issues in Nevada and California labor law.


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